Flashbox to Debut Social Guest Book Kiosk at Gallery 116th and Retail Locations!

How can you make sure that visitors to your store, nightclub, or venue share their experience with their friends at the same time marketing your venue and capturing data snap shots of your customer demographic? Flashbox is excited to announce  our new commercial social guest book kiosk available for retail and venue locations–the ultimate guest book interactive experience!

With a custom sleek branded enclosure built to the clients preference, our software will allow clients to capture photos, GIFs, email addresses, and mobile phone numbers of every guest utilizing the selfie station.

From the kiosk to its technology capabilities, it truly is a work of art and we are honored to be debuting in Fayetteville’s newest and most innovative contemporary art and home good galleries-Gallery 116th. A new concept and venue incorporating all mediums of art, upon hearing the owner’s modern and cutting edge vision of direction for both the gallery and the city, incorporating Flashbox’s social guest book kiosk experience blended so cohesively with the concept.

Imagine soaking in all the visual stimuli as you walk through the gallery, interacting with various eclectic exhibits, then taking a seat in a comfy ultra modern chair so visually intriguing while listening to  catchy upbeat tunes fluttering through the frequency. The scene includes a staff of young artistic hipsters there to assist with each section of the gallery–the art, home goods and apparel–again, a marriage of various mediums of art. Upon making your desired purchases, you take a stroll to the wall mounted interactive guest book station for a quick share of your experience to your social media friends.

Seeing both the space, and hearing the owner’s mission for Gallery 116th has us very excited to be apart of such a grand and innovative operation here in the heart of downtown Fayetteville. Please follow their journey on facebook and instagram by following @gallery116th and stay tuned for grand opening dates and events!

Want to be included as  beta store for Flashbox’s new interactive social guest book kiosk? email us today at info@flashboxphoto-booth.com for more information and to see if you qualify for a free install!


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