Halloween on Anderson

As the streets were filled with thousands of zombies shuffling downtown Fayetteville for Zombie Walk this past weekend, Flashbox was there to capture it all as we set up for one of the coolest block parties hosted by our favorite venue–Gallery 116th. “Halloween on Anderson”, an annual costume party, bought about some of the funnest (don’t judge my grammar) costumes to include Mr White Iverson himself–Post Malone, and one our favorite TV couples–the Bundy’s-zombie edition of course. The block also included a live drum circle performance, and food truck courtesy of Dhans kitchen. If you haven’t tasted this Caribbean gem, please please try the jerk chicken and roti. Our very finest, DJ Z’s tunes and light show kept the party jumping, and Huske Hardware manned the bar. If you have not checked out Gallery 116th’s 4th Friday exhibitions, you my friend are doing yourself an injustice. In case you missed it, here’s a few shots of a very cool night.